Whistleblower Protections

Employees who report illegal employer activity, from tax fraud to safety violations, are referred to as “whistleblowers.” Many employment laws include protections for whistleblowers. After all, without these protections, employers could simply cover up their illegal activity by firing (or threatening to fire) anyone who complained. Without employees willing to step forward and assert their rights, workplace laws would go largely unenforced.

The articles in this section cover whistleblower rights. If you have been fired or disciplined for reporting workplace discrimination or harassment, check out our articles on retaliation.

Articles on Whistleblower Rights

What Laws Protect Employees From Retaliation?
Employees who raise concerns about workplace illegalities have legal protections.

Forced to Perform Illegal Act by an Employer: Legal Rights and Issues
If your employer fires you for refusing to do something illegal — or for reporting illegal activity — you may have a wrongful termination claim.

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