Partial Unemployment Benefits

Most people who collect unemployment benefits are completely out of work. However, you may also be eligible for benefits if you are underemployed: working only part time or occasionally, even though you’d like to be working more. These are called partial unemployment benefits.

State law determines your eligibility for partial unemployment benefits. How much you can collect is also set by state law, although states typically pay the difference between what you would collect if you were fully unemployed and what you are actually earning, less a small allowance. (Most states don’t count a small portion of what you earn, to provide an incentive for applicants to take work if it’s available.)

Are You Eligible for Partial Unemployment?

Partial Unemployment: Eligibility and Benefits Amount
Learn the basic eligibility rules for partial unemployment benefits.

How To Calculate Partial Unemployment Amounts
Find out how states determine how much applicants for partial unemployment benefits will receive.

Partial Unemployment Benefits In California
California’s rules for partial benefits, reduced benefits, and work sharing programs.

Resources on Unemployment

Your Rights in the Workplace
The ultimate guide to your workplace rights, including your rights after you lose or leave your job.

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