Denial of Benefits and Appeals

Once you file for unemployment benefits, your state’s unemployment insurance agency will review the information you provide, interview your former employer, and perhaps interview you. Based on this information, the agency will decide whether you are eligible for benefits. If it finds you eligible, you will start filing weekly claims — and receiving your checks — in a couple of weeks. If not, however, your claim will be denied.

The information in this section explains common reasons why unemployment claims are denied, when it makes sense to file an appeal, how to appeal a denial of benefits, and situations in which you should consider hiring a lawyer for help.

Possible Reasons For Being Denied Unemployment Benefits
Find out the most common reasons why benefits are denied.

When to Hire an Unemployment Lawyer
Most people can handle their unemployment claims without legal help — but in certain situations, it makes sense to hire a lawyer.

What Steps Can I Take If My Employer Gets My Unemployment Claim Denied?
Find out how and why employers contest claims for unemployment — and what you can do about it.

Discriminatory Firing: Can I Collect Unemployment?
If you were fired for serious misconduct (as defined by your state), you won’t be eligible for benefits. But what if you believe your firing was discriminatory?

Can an Employer Appeal Eligibility for Unemployment Compensation?
Even if you are initially granted benefits, your former employer can file an appeal.

Your Rights in the Workplace
The ultimate guide to your rights at work, including your rights after you’ve left a job.

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